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The Value of Learning EP1

The Value of Learning EP1

Emmett Professional 1 (EP1) is a professional approach using all prior learnings from the 6 modules in short sequence forms of treatment. Training will consist of grouping 4 to 7 moves together in a 7 minute time frame to get an efficient and effective result, with the aim to work within the Workplace Health & Safety Program.

Also in the 2 day seminar are more complex treatment moves which Ross has been using in his Clinic for many years. These are speciality moves which he has used to assist Clients to manage symptoms from strokes, MS, meningitis, anorexia and other digestive issues.

Practitioners who have participated in EP1 are finding their services have improved dramatically.

Please keep in mind EP1 is not a review of module 6 it is a review of all 6 modules and combinations with a focus on results.

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