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Instructor Spotlight

Else Strom Vistisen

Profile of Else Strom Vistisen:

Singapore Ministry of Health Therapist, Emm-Tech Instructor and Emmett Therapies Co-coordinator in Singapore. Else has been a therapist since 1984. After completing her education in Occupational Therapy in Denmark, she travelled to work in the USA (Home/Institution for severely physically and mentally retarded children age 0-18 yrs ) and Hong Kong (Hospital within Rehabilitation of Cerebral...

Gina Lee - Phillipines

Over recent times, as Emmett Technique has become more recognised throughout the world, it has been increasingly noticeable the great distances that many people are willing to travel to undertake Emmett Technique training. Whilst teaching in Germany, Ross noted that some students had travelled through (3) different countries and over 5 hours in cars or trains to attend. During the latest...

Tim Donovan - Australia

Tim Donovan in Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Tim has over 10 years practical experience as a therapist. He is passionate about his work, both in the sharing of the skills with his students as well as in his extensive practice within his own clinic. Based in Mt Gambier South Australia with his partner, Tania and their kids, Tim works in a very busy multi-modality clinic with Massage Therapists and Naturopaths. His list of hobbies includes...

Rick Cuthbert - Australia

Rick Cuthbert NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD (South East) ....

Rick is a highly qualified instructor for the Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy in New South Wales, Victoria, Australia Capital Territory and South East Queensland. Rick was a licensed builder for 24 years and built more than 650 homes (he is currently building own home). Ten years ago Rick suffered a chronic back injury and after, experiencing 8 months of discomfort discovered alternate...

Regi Scherrer - Austria

(Emmett Technique, Emm-Tech & TBT101)Regi Scherrer- Austria, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom

Regi is the representative and Instructor for the Emmett Technique in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom and has been a highly qualified Instructor for Emmett and Bowen Therapy in Western Australia. She has now progressed to Europe and the United Kingdom. We asked Regi how she came to be in such a unique position .... "This is to say: never say never!!!! I have just made a...


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