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Robert Vicary

Robert Vicary

Robert Vicary
Alive Radiant Therapies
Brisbane / Ashgrove
0439 887 678
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0439 887 678
The Emmett Technique is highly beneficial for clients who are experiencing muscular pain around the the neck, shoulders, back, hips and leg regions, as well as emotional pain due to physical stress or feeling overwhelmed. The Emmett Technique assists clients with their Head to Heart Integration to achieve Total Body Wellness.

The Emmett Technique is used in a holistic approach with remedial massage and therapeutic reflexology. The effect can be almost instantaneous, with many clients noticing dramatic changes in flexibility, balance, pain levels, ranges of movement, breathing and other functions (depending on which areas of the body have been worked on). Call me for an appointment or book online at


PO Box 564 Castletown
Townsville QLD 4812

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Australia: (07) 4771 6234
International: +617 4771 6234

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