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Your feet know you best

This worked extremely well

A client came to me about a weight problem, making the statement that she couldn't loose weight. I asked if she liked to loose anything? After a short talk she came to the realization that losing was not part of her beliefs. We decided she was actually a very giving person and therefore it was a better idea to allow her to give her extra weight away a little at a time, maybe 5 kilos at a time and to select people she felt deserved more.

She agreed to follow this plan and knew of friends who could do with a little extra weight. It was then that I asked her if she had listened to her feet? She said "No". I then said I did, and to many other people's feet, and that was were I learnt a lot about people and myself. You can tell how they feel about themselves: confident, determined, down trodden, indecisive or without direction. This is all heard in the way they walk, how their feet sound.

Your feet know you best: it may pay you to listen to them more often for they will allow you to change attitude simply by changing their sound. You will be so surprised how quick they will let you change. My client said this sounded fascinating and that she would start to listen. "Good" I replied "But you must react to their sound and change to a better, positive rhythm, you will enjoy it." My reason to get her to focus on the sound of her feet and to change into a positive action was to have her create more action in her walk and this exercise would assist her weight loss.

This worked extremely well as she spoke with several friends and they began to walk together and all reported great changes in attitude and in fitness

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