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Welcome to 2011

Welcome to 2011. May it hold the promise of a great future? The spreading the seeds of the technique was in 2010. I believe this year will see the growth.

Firstly to all our therapist affected by the Queensland flood, our thoughts are with you and we hope your lives are returning to normal and the year has a more prosperous outlook.

I would like to encourage all therapists to inform their clients when they are using Emmett as this is the only way the therapy will become known and it also shows that you are multi skilled. We are in a great position this year as a very large company has approached us to supply names of Emmett therapists throughout Queensland. They are looking for therapists interested in supplying treatments in large work sites through the state. Also, there is potential with mining companies throughout Australia to work within their Work Place Health and Safety programs. The therapist must be Emmett trained, and have attended the EP1 training days, This has massive potential for all Emmett therapists and more will be written on this subject later.

I have always encouraged therapists to mix this training with their previous learning, as the technique is complementary to all therapies. Now a problem has arisen that clients are looking for Emmett therapists on the web site only to find some therapists do not, or will not, do Emmett. We have been contacted to please explain why these therapists are advertising on the site.

Be aware this is false advertising and if a person asked for this item as advertised and you have the knowledge, you are obliged to supply the treatment.

There has also been an issue with people allowing the therapy to be accepted as another therapy, mainly Bowen therapy. Please remember that Bowen therapy has always stated in their manuals from the very first teachings that the Bowen technique is a double roll technique where you make skin contact move lightly away from the intended move, (known as taking the slack) then make a stronger move back across the tissue. Bowen also said from the very first teaching “There are no flicks, slides or holding points.” Therefore if these are used in a treatment this is not Bowen therapy or based on the Bowen principle of treatment.

Please acknowledge other therapies as it places your client in a difficult position to have a follow up treatment elsewhere.

I am looking forward to making contact with many of you throughout the year.

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