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Words From Ross

The Blind Girl at the Pool

An event in 1984 had a great effect me and on my realization that not every one sees things as we do.

I had taken two of my children to Brisbane for a holiday. My eldest daughter loved to swim so we went to a well known swimming pool called The Oasis. This was my daughter's first experience on a 4-meter diving board. I was watching her excitement on the board when I noticed two young women walking hand in hand towards the diving board. They stopped at the ladder to the diving board and spoke...

Values of Love

"You need to love yourself, you deserve to love yourself"

A few years ago I was asked by a friend to help a lady to deal with cancer. I will call the lady Jenny. This became the time when I learnt the different values of the word Love. I had been working with Jenny for about two years. One day she came to me in a state of fear after a nightmare she had the night before. She had dreamed she was buried and being eaten alive and she couldn't move. She...

Impossible Pie - the Recipe

Following Ross's story in the last issue of EmmChat about "the Impossible Pie and anything being Possible", we have received a large number of requests for the recipe - being an old Australian baking favourite. So, with thanks to Carol, we share her recipe for Impossible Pie - tried and tested - happy baking. Impossible Pie 4 eggs 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter 1 cup coconut 1/2 cup plain...

Bowen Therapy

Ross Speaks on TBT101 - Why we teach

I was constantly approached by Emmett Practitioners who wanted to know about my use of Bowen Therapy, and also where they could learn it. I have always said that Bowen Therapy is a good therapy to use in combination with the Emmett technique and other therapies. We previously advised therapists to attend any Bowen Therapy course to learn the technique. They often returned to tell us they were...

Baby Wrapping

Ross's Comments on ...Baby Wrapping (repeated from Issue 1)

In our quest for protection, are we losing the ability to create perfection. When I was a young man I was told, for a child's development, they needed to move freely to create a stable structure in the spine. I often wonder with today's world and fear of SIDS; where we are encouraged to incarcerate our babies in tight swaddling, whether we are creating developmental problems. This also may...

Impossible to make a mistake

Anything is Possible

I was once taught a therapy that stated that it was impossible to cause any harm. On listening to the presenter/salesman my mind returned to a time early in my marriage. Just after we were married I came home from work to be presented with a beautiful coconut and custard pie. I was given a piece and it tasted fantastic so I asked my wife what it was. She answered it was an Impossible pie. I...

Client Beliefs

Ross's Christmas Story - Client Beliefs

A therapist should always be aware that not everyone has the same beliefs as themselves and not to force their own belief onto their clients. Do you realise your simple comments or opinions may change the client's treatment outcome? Their judgment of the comments may impact on the expected treatment result as you have gone against their belief pattern. This statement reminds me of when I was...

A move too many

Ross speaks on A Move Too Many

On a recent trip to Switzerland I was reminded of the principle of "only do what is necessary" and not to allow your desire to give extra value to get in the way of good therapy. While in Switzerland a physiotherapist client of mine in Australia asked if I would have a look at one of her old clients. The client lived in Germany, had Multiple Sclerosis for about 30 years and had become very...

Clients conditioned to framing?

Ross speaks on

Client Reframing - Are your clients conditioned to labels? Be aware that a client that presents with a condition that has already been labeled is a more difficult case than a client that has come in to just address the pain, especially if they have been made aware of all the possible symptoms. Two of the best examples I can remember of conditioning are: Case 1:A client came to me. I asked...

Ross’s thoughts on teaching

Ross's thoughts on teaching....

Quite often the jockey doesn't make the best horse trainer, just as the best therapist does not necessarily make the best teacher. My greatest learning has come to me through the mistakes I have made. I am often asked how I have become the teacher I am, where did I learn my teaching style. My advice to my instructors is to openly share your mistakes so they are no longer your weaknesses; they...


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