Easy Muscle Management
Workplace Injury Prevention Program

The EMM-Safe program aims to assist companies by producing a healthier workready workforce by reducing muscle pain and discomfort before injury.

Focus is on prevention rather than post injury treatment thereby reducing the risk of muscle strains and injuries before they occur. Left untreated this may lead to an increased risk of accidents or further injury, lost work time and reduced performance and productivity.

Where standard first aid courses cater to an acute medical issue or injury such as cuts, abrasions, burns etc our EMM-Safe program can assist with those aches, pains, mobility and flexibility issues that your employees can experience every day.

Package A

Practitioner treatment package

A qualified EMMETT Practitioner will provide onsite assessment, treatment and ongoing maintenance as necessary to your employees.

Treatments will:

  • address specified areas of concern.
  • be 5-15 minutes in duration.
  • mostly be given in a seated position
  • be non-invasive and generally performed fully clothed.
  • have no downtime – The employee is able to return to work immediately

Package B

EMM-Safe Officers - Workplace Training for your employees

  • Your company will be able to select a training package that suits your workplace.
  • A registered EMM-Safe tutor will instruct the training of employees in your workplace.
  • The training package can be delivered over one 8 hour day or two 4 hour blocks.
  • No medical or anatomy knowledge is required to attend this course.

The training delivered for employees to become on site EMM-Safe Officers will provide them with the skills so that they are able to treat their colleagues in the workplace.

Find out how we can help you to create a healthier workplace. For more information please contact us.


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Townsville QLD 4812

Contact Details

Australia: (07) 4771 6234
International: +617 4771 6234
Email: info@rossemmett.com.au

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