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Regi Scherrer - Emmett Instructor Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

Many course participants are keen to learn the Emmett therapy quickly

I see why Ross wants a minimum time of break between module classes and after attending EP1 (Emmett Professional 1).

The learning begins with a technique to release muscle tension. At Module 5 new aspects of the therapy are taking this technique to different dimensions. EP1 is rising this further again. I see this like a process of growth.
We have to be ready for the new moves. Applying the technique regularly in our clinic, experiencing the changes in our clients and understanding the depth of it will give this understanding.

It is like a seed, growing slowly, adapting to the changes of being a seedling and gaining strength. The seedling becomes one day a fully grown plant. Some are a tree, some a bush or a flower. All have their specific purpose.

We have the patience to plant the seed till we can pick the fruit, by checking that it has good soil, enough and not too much water and sunlight...

....the deeper the diver goes, the longer he needs to adapt to the pressure changes, when he decides to rise to the surface. The body needs to stop at different levels. If the diver is rising too quickly, his body cannot adapt to the quick changes.

Ross' work is so powerful. If the therapist is not ready, it can be overwhelming.

Every time you work with the technique, you also strengthen yourself to be ready to go the next step.

Ross shares his work with passion!

The therapist who honours and respects Ross' work with the same passion will benefit not only the client, but also himself, as he attunes to his abilities. This realisation is so important.

This way the Emmett technique reaches the high esteem and respect of all types of therapists, who integrate this fantastic work. 

Emmett therapy is an art! To get rewarded it takes passion!

Regi Scherrer - Emmett Instructor Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

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