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Karen MacKenzie

Karen MacKenzie, Emmett Therapies Co-Founder, Emmett Instructor and Ross's Partner.

Most of us have met Karen MacKenzie over the years, either as the sure hands and welcoming smile supporting Ross during our module training, or as the owner/therapist of her own highly successful clinic 'Body Alignment Centre' in Townsville. She is the wise, friendly voice who often provides guidance and reassurance to those who ring out of hours for help and she is Ross's back-up and support to ensure he manages his demanding schedule of teaching, travelling and treating.

Karen's credentials are as impressive as they are extensive, and include working as a Remedial massage therapist in clinic since 1999, being contracted to the Cowboys Rugby League Football Club as a sports massage therapist from 1999 - 2005, qualified Bowen Therapist 2001, Massage trainer 2002 - 2005, Emmett Practitioner since 2002, Emmett Training Assistant since 2003, Herbalist 2004, Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training 2005 and NLP practitioner 2007.
We asked Karen to give a bit of a background look into her experiences with Emmett:

"I first met Ross as a teacher while attending a seminar with him in 2000. In 2002 I was given an invitation to attend one of his own seminars in the Emmett Technique. This first class changed how I thought and worked as a therapist. I used every move I learnt as soon as I went back into clinic, often putting all of them in a treatment.

This continued until I understood what each move was specifically used for. I passed a few clients out, overcooked a few and used far too much on my journey to attempt to master these "simple" things that Ross made look so easy. But WOW, the results and the excitement of being able to help people quickly and without the pain of some remedial techniques I had previously learnt, gave me the passion to keep learning.

Wanting to back up the technical side of therapy and training with the added power of the spoken word, I completed my NLP qualification. This proved to be another exciting part of the journey.

To¬day my life is divided between a busy clinic (where I am blessed with the therapists I work with), helping with Emmett Technique and Emm-Tech courses, travelling with Ross and having time with our families.

The most precious gift I have been given is the opportunity to share what has been shown to me to help people with pain and to be part of the growth of others. This is far more than I ever believed I would be doing and there is still more to come."

Karen MacKenzie, Emmett Therapies Co-Founder,

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