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Journeying to success!!!

Journeying to success!!!

In 1998 I found the Bowen Technique. Even though I was a Reflexologist and Aromatherapist, I had such great results with Bowen and they paled into the background. I facilitated many talks and demonstrations about Bowen Technique; I thought nothing could touch it! Then in 2010 I got an email about another Australian technique called Emmett, and even as I travelled the 3 hour journey to study EMM Tech, I debated if I was wasting my time! Four hours into the eight hours course….. I was becoming a practitioner!!!, no mistake!!!

Emmett Technique gave me even better results!! Instead of 4 or 5 treatments it was down to 2 or 3 for most pain and discomfort condition I was treating. It was magic!!! It was so good I chose to instruct others so they would learn this wonderful technique, I shared it in health fairs and had amazing results and it is so easy to teach. If asked to talk to groups now, it is always Emmett Technique I speak about.

Emmett works very well as a stand-alone therapy but it also worked excellently with Bowen and since I upgraded my understanding of Bowen Technique through TBT 101, Ross' interpretation of Bowen, I find the simplistic way of Bowen is excellent to use with Emmett. The relaxation that Bowen provides enhances the properties of Emmett giving the client treatment, which is second to none.

Alice O'BrienRecently, teaching TBT 101 to students who had only studied Emmett their comments have been –“they had found the missing link” and “now felt confident to give an excellent treatment”.

Other students who had previous experience of Bowen said they now understood the technique and what it influenced and how easy it was to combine both if needed.

Yours in health
Alice O'Brien

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