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Helmet Petz Austria

Hello all attentive readers who follow the news in EmmChat. My name is Helmet Petz and I am working together with my Partner in a centre for Physical therapy and Rehabilitation. My centre is in the capital city of Murau. Murau is near the border of Salzburg and Kaernten, Austria.

I travelled to Townsville because I had the opportunity to observe Ross Emmett working in his clinic and I was very impressed. The way he works with his technique, his positive anchors and his ability to dance with the soul of humans has given to me for the first time a correct impression of what the technique really is and what it can do when it is in the right hands.

I know that the person Ross Emmett (as a therapist) is a one and only, but we should learn from his abilities to help people as well as his sensitivity and talents to deal with the needs of humans. We should be inspired from his knowing and his sharing of his technique.

We are a small team in Austria who wish to support Ross and Regi with the difficult structure of work for Emmett therapy in the German-speaking countries. If we give all our best in the treatments to work with the same security, peace and sensitivity as Ross shows, I have absolutely no doubt that Emmett therapy will be very important in helping many people in our areas.  

Many greetings from Austria! Helmut Petz

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