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Heide-Maria Strasser

Profile of Heide-Maria Strasser : Emmett Practiition, Austria.

My name is Heide-Maria Strasser and I'm a very happy and a very committed Emmett Full Practitioner.

Today I want to tell you my story of success and the reason why I'm so happy.
I was born on Januray 8th, 1957, I'm married and I have 4 children. I was interested in being a body therapist since I was a child. My parents refused to pay attention to my wish so I attended another school. In one of the courses I got to know my husband, who is self-employed and I helped him at the office.

We are a happy family and the health problems we had to go through brought us more and more together.

When my eldest daughter was 7 years old (now 30 years old) she had a stroke. Since her puberty some of her symptoms needed more attention and so she had to take a lot of heavy traditional medical remedies. Looking for better assistance for her I started to get interested in alternative medicine which helped her a lot. My second daughter (now 26 years old) - has had bad headaches since she was 6 years old. She is a very clever girl, interested in so many things and always wants to know why. That might have been one reason for her headaches as well as the fact that there is a genetic connection to her father who suffers from headaches. I could experience the strong connection between body, mind and soul.

Traditional medicine provided no explanations and no help for my daughter's headache pains. They advised her to take very heavy medications. Alternative medicine helped to ease her symptoms but the headaches had their own pattern. After some training in the use of Tissue Salts and Bach Flowers, I did study in Traditional Thai Medicine followed by Bowen training. I did my final examinations in 2006 and I started to be self-employed in 2007. To complete my education I attended the Emmett Technique seminars with great interest and joy. In my daily work I sometimes combine the Emmett Technique with other therapies to address the special needs of each single client, I also use the technique very successfully on its own.

A big experience and a great help for me was being able to treat myself with the Emmett moves. I love to do the psoas, shoulder, sinus, gastrocnemius and balance moves on my body by myself. I always feel so much better afterwards and I get a deeper and deeper understanding on the effect of these moves and on possible Emmett reactions.

I'm also allowed to assist two of my clients in my village who are ultra marathon runners. The Emmett Technique was an effective method during their 12 hours runs. A few Emmett moves proved to be very effective.

But my greatest joy and pleasure was to help my daughter with her headaches. The previous therapies I used helped a little bit to balance my daughter body, however since I commenced using Emmett moves on her, she is much better still.

The beginning was the Emmett neck move. When I treated her the first time with the Emmett Technique I did the moves trapezius, shoulder 45 followed by the neck move. She suddenly got a head flush and her head remained very hot for the next 10 min. During that time it seemed that the headaches would increase. It had been very exciting 10 minutes for both of us. I had to trust in my abilities and the Emmett technique and my daughter had to go through some difficult changes in her body. After these 10 minutes she was free of headaches!!!! The best of all her improvement remained.

My daughter is now a doctor of medicine and she still has to work a lot with her brain. She has periods where she is free of headaches for more than 3 weeks. She now just has to take normal medicine remedies when she can't get treated. I always vary the moves depending to what she needs and I always finish with the neck move. It makes me very happy that based on the Emmett Technique her quality of life has improved so much.

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