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Busy times with new students

The Emmett Technique is soaring in popularity here in the UK, with 26 new students starting in April, and a further 14 set to start in July with Regi. We were extremely lucky to have Ross here in April, sharing Modules 5 and 6 with us as well as EP1 for the first time and, as is his want, demonstrating some incredible work "after-hours"!

The sharing of the material in EP1 was quite an eye-opener for many of the students, as I believe it gave them the first glimpse of just how much more there is and the incredible range of Ross's work. Two weeks later, he was back again: this time to speak at the Bowen Conference, which excited a lot more interest in his work, both from attendees and from some of the other International speakers. It was an incredible time, with so much packed into his brief visits, and we already have a waiting list for places when he next graces our shores!

We have just started to offer courses in different locations in England, where previously they have all been arranged in a single venue. The first courses in 2007 and 2008 were held in London and we then found a new base in Cambridgeshire for 2009. Recent courses have been held in Warwickshire and we are about to "test drive" two new venues in the next few months, with another new course tentatively being planned for the North of the country.

It creates a lot of work and I am very grateful for the help offered and given by several of my colleagues here. Roll on the Management Board.

"It's great that you are busy with courses etc ... it seems to me that this work needs to 'get out there' and be used for the good of all! - here are some comments I have received from clients lately" (Debbie Kinley)

From Debbie Kinley, Emmett Therapies Coordinator UK

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