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Colleen Kelly

In Profile... Colleen Kelly – Emmett Instructor Brisbane, Australia

Colleen Kelly has a practice at The Gap (Brisbane) and also in Ipswich. She has been an Emm-Tech instructor for 4 years and has recently joined the ranks as an Emmett instructor.

She says: "I am loving the space I'm in at the moment!
I have been a teacher since the early 70's but am a bit of a 'late starter' as a natural therapist, learning Bowen and massage since 2001 and working in a practice since 2004.

Ross Emmett was my inspiration in my decision to delve into the field of bodywork. I lived in Mt Isa in the 80's and was frequently treated by Ross to have my 'squash knots' ironed out. His ability to accurately assess and effectively treat problems always impressed me. (Also...I have a claim to fame as one who messed up the pristine hairdo at my farewell party.)

Some years after my return to Brisbane and because of a combination of suffering a bit of teacher burnout, having a fascination of things scientific and of bodywork, and remembering Ross's treatments, I turned to natural therapies as a career alternative.

Imagine my surprise when, in 2004, I learned that Ross was coming to Brisbane to teach 'his stuff' and what fabulous 'stuff' it is! Emmett work gives such instantaneous results and can marry so easily with other types of bodywork. I thoroughly appreciate the chameleon approach of adapting for the individual and being able to make changes in clients through the use of words and your own personal approach... wonderful! Being able to use Emmett has allowed me to become much more versatile with my treatments and my clients really appreciate how quickly their discomfort can be relieved.

I feel very fortunate that Ross has invited me to teach his work and I love every minute of it. Yes, I am enjoying the space I'm in... now I am able to pursue both of my passions; natural therapies and teaching.

Colleen Kelly, Emmett Instructor, Brisbane.

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