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Mt Isa Trip - Part 2

(Continuation of Part 1 featured in Issue 7)

We had a small class of students in these towns except for Cloncurry where we cancelled the course. Instead we met the local councillor and staff at the council chambers and looked for contacts and venues for future reference.

They were enthusiastic but pointed out the Cloncurry show had just finished the day before. The whole town looked like it had a BIG night out. It took 20 minutes to get 3 coffees and there were only 4 of us in the shop. We left with the local events calendar and plenty of ideas for our return later in the year.

There was a recurring theme during the courses in Mt Isa and Hughenden. The distances people need to travel and the lack of follow-up services made us aware we have to teach the moves as easily, down to earth and user friendly as possible. Everyone has to feel confident to use the techniques when we are not there to supervise.

EmmChat newsletters were handed out at the end of each course with the statement of attendance to introduce everyone to the Emmett community they are now part of.

We took stock of the successes and shortcomings and started to put together a kit for future courses/trips. We also talked of the resilience and character of the people we had met and how much impact this had on us personally. All of us agreed about the need for a follow up around twice a year.

We are developing a more professional kit including vinyl banner and small skeleton (Edward De Bono) to hang with the body charts. Also, our Ads have been changed and rewritten specifically for the next trip. Phone calls have been made to all course students with enthusiastic feedback being part of this contact. An article about the course was printed (with photo) in the local Hughenden/Richmond newspaper. Also, a follow up course was held in Hughenden with people travelling from Richmond and surrounding properties to attend.

On summarising, we all feel that it has been an uplifting experience to have turned this opportunity into reality and that there is much more to come. We would like to pass on our appreciation and thank you to all those who have helped us along the way.

Xaren MacXenzie, QaiC iCCingswort" and$9eBBie Xeighran.

"A very special thank you to Jaime Doyle in Ross' office for her brilliant attention to detail and always pleasant smile we can hear through the phone and email content.

Three cheers to you."
From all the instructors - Rick Cuthbert, Emmett Instructor.
Emmett Technique and Arthritis

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