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Amazing outcome for one very lucky pup...

Amazing outcome for one very lucky pup...

and they say only cats have 9 lives....Great outcome for Benoir the Greyhound

We received this wonderful update by Sarah, the grateful owner of 'Benoir, an elderly Greyhound dog...amazing story with GREAT results using the EMMETT Technique - well done Sandra Junckerstorff in Perth, Western Australia.


"Just a quick message to say thank Sandra for seeing Benoir, my beautiful Greyhound gentleman who was tragically run over by our bobcat. Benoir had a lucky escape from severe injury sustaining only a dislocated hip. Not to downplay the gravity of the situation, he was in severe agony but managed to escape with no broken bones at all. After his hip was relocated into the socket, we were informed by the Vet that if his hip hasn't popped out after 3 weeks - then it won't. After the 3 week milestone had passed, Benoir was exceptionally hesitant to use his leg and that's when I hoped you would be able to help him.

Prior to being seen by Sandra he was dragging his leg. Since he had been seen by Sandra  (just the once I might add), he's come so far. He is using his leg and walking more upright with his leg almost directly under his hip. He happily gets up out of bed and is much more limber. He's almost good as new. I must add that Benoir is 11 years old and is partially blind so he's no spring chicken but his recovery is nothing short of miraculous.

The way he moved around to show you what he needed from you was amazing to watch. By the end of his visit with you, he thought you were his best buddy! I'm in awe of your "magical" powers! Thanks so much for sharing the EMMETT Technique with my pup.

Kind regards, Sarah"



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