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EMMETT...reducing the symptoms of Clubfoot

Just a little Emmett can create a lovely change

My son was diagnosed at cairns base 18 weeks into my pregnancy, with bilateral club foot. We moved to vic late in my pregnancy to get him the best care. He was casted for 4 weeks at 6 months old. Luckily for us the clubfoot was a mild case. The casting seems to have corrected his clubfoot but he is left with metatarsus adductus- more severe in the right foot than his left. We moved back to...

Better Quality of Life

John Charles

"My Nephew fell off a ladder 2 years ago which resulted a broken back and damaged nerves. He had operations to insert rods into his spine and spent 7 months in a specialist spinal unit. Although he can walk, he has very little feeling from chest downwards and unable to carry out toilet activities the natural way. NHS has given up on him and he asked for EMMETT Therapy." "Last week I did my...

The changes we have noticed after 3 sessions are fantastic

7 year old Abbie

" My daughter Abbie is 7 years old and has complex needs. She has low tone , poor balance and sensory processing disorder. She cannot talk, sit, crawl, stand or walk without assistance. She has the developmental age of a 1-year-old and so needs assistance with all her daily activities. Abbie has only shown interest in moving about independently in the last couple of years but although she now...

Why are the EMMETT Short Courses Important?

Sarah Leagas – West Australia 

Back to Basics…These words from Sarah Leagas in Country West Australia are the reason Ross Emmett created the Emmett Technique Short Courses. “Brilliant! So practical. I learned small easy moves to help my animals with the most common issues they may have. Being located in a remote country area without access to treatment or therapists, this has been great to help my own...

EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018. The weekend was an amazing learning experience but most of all touching. Not only did we have Students, Practitioners, Instructor and Tutors but it was also a pleasure to have Ross’s family and close friends attend. Many of who attended were very thankful for this as they got to...

"3 different Emmett Instructors and ALL were great!"

I am letting you all know how wonderful I think the Emmett Technique and Training is.I have been fortunate enough to have had 3 different trainers now. I started at the beginning of the year with Linda Cause in Perth, with the view to 'Ill try this out and if its not for me then its ok ill move on'. Well I did move on right up through the levels of the Dog Course having been hooked from the...

Suffered 3 Broken Bones

Barbara Rose

"Eight months ago I stepped off the pavement and rolled my foot - and suffered three broken bones as a consequence. For months I have walked like a demented penguin, and suffered lots of pain and discomfort in my arm (too long on crutches). At the Mod 1+2 weekend, I became the guinea pig to demonstrate how good the Emmett technique can be. I shed a few tears - and despite the 'provocation'...

Thank You

Yanet Roubicek

Thank you, Pedro, for an informative day with Emmett Therapy. I would definitely recommend all Emmett Practitioners to experience Emmett for Horses. :)


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