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Words From Ross

Ross Emmett - A World of Thanks


To all the EMMETT Supporters Worldwide: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who I have met on my recent 14 week world tour. I have arrived back home with so many wonderful memories to look back on. Being home for three weeks has given me a jolt back into the reality of working, as all that I have previously done has felt so much like a holiday - and I would like to thank...


Self-Awareness Allows For Adaptability

Ross Emmett and Karen MacKenzie have arrived in UK and are enjoying catching up with our valued Emmett Practitioners and Instructors, connecting with old friends and meeting new. Thank you to everyone for supporting Ross in his travels.  "Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend time with them, and it will change your life." Next stop....Luxemburg, Switzerland,...

EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018. The weekend was an amazing learning experience but most of all touching. Not only did we have Students, Practitioners, Instructor and Tutors but it was also a pleasure to have Ross’s family and close friends attend. Many of who attended were very thankful for this as they got to...

Master Builder

While on a recent trip to Germany I took a week out of training and stayed at small village motel. One morning at breakfast I was having a conversation with the woman who owned the premises. I asked how long they had owned the motel. She said about 4 years, and I then enquired what they had been doing before that. She stated her husband had had a large business; he was a Master Fire Builder. I...

Welcome to 2011

Welcome to 2011. May it hold the promise of a great future? The spreading the seeds of the technique was in 2010. I believe this year will see the growth. Firstly to all our therapist affected by the Queensland flood, our thoughts are with you and we hope your lives are returning to normal and the year has a more prosperous outlook. I would like to encourage all therapists to inform their...

Baby Sienna's Story

Working in the clinic with Ross, it is easy to accept that people will have miraculous changes and experience wonderful recoveries almost instantaneously. Sometimes though, the changes that are experienced are so incredible that they really stand apart from others. They cement the learning and once again confirm why Ross teaches? the Chameleon Approach' as the corner stone of the technique. One...

Create a New Focus

When taking a seminar in Melbourne in the mid 2000's, I was asked by a therapist to see a client who was having a severe problem with his ankle. His history showed he had been a long distance runner who had broken his ankle and had it plated a few months earlier. He said the ankle had improved but he was in constant pain and was unable to pursue his passion for running. The final medical...

Busy times for us all

Its been a busy time since the last edition of Emm-Chat.

I've just returned from a great trip overseas with classes in Singapore, England, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. A big thankyou to Debbie in England and all instructors in these areas who assisted with the organisation of the training sessions. It was great to attend the first horse course with Kath and Steve in England. The horses reminded me just how much of my first learning originated...

Your feet know you best

This worked extremely well

A client came to me about a weight problem, making the statement that she couldn't loose weight. I asked if she liked to loose anything? After a short talk she came to the realization that losing was not part of her beliefs. We decided she was actually a very giving person and therefore it was a better idea to allow her to give her extra weight away a little at a time, maybe 5 kilos at a time...

International Bowen Conference

European Trip and speaking at the International Bowen Conference - United Kingdom, April 2010

I have just returned from 10 weeks in Europe, England and Singapore - a little bit too long in saying that it was a fantastic time. I had one of the most memorable times in England, and would like to thank Debbie and Sue for their time and friendship during this experience. It had to be one of the best seminars I have attended with good therapists, great practice sessions & brilliant...


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