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Mt Isa Trip - Part 2

(Continuation of Part 1 featured in Issue 7) JULIA CREEK, MT ISA & HUGHENDENWe had a small class of students in these towns except for Cloncurry where we cancelled the course. Instead we met the local councillor and staff at the council chambers and looked for contacts and venues for future reference. They were enthusiastic but pointed out the Cloncurry show had just finished the day...

From the UK

Busy times with new students

The Emmett Technique is soaring in popularity here in the UK, with 26 new students starting in April, and a further 14 set to start in July with Regi. We were extremely lucky to have Ross here in April, sharing Modules 5 and 6 with us as well as EP1 for the first time and, as is his want, demonstrating some incredible work "after-hours"! The sharing of the material in EP1 was quite an...

Welcome Aboard - From Coonabarabran

Actions speak louder than words!

This is our module 4 & 5 at Coonabarabran before Christmas. After the course we had a Kris Kringle dinner, where we each had to give a gift that we had made, to no greater cost than $10, all of the gifts made and given were outstanding in quality and worth much, much more than the $10 spent in making the gift. All the names to be gifted to, were picked out of a hat. It was wonderful to...

Emmett in Singapore

Ross has just returned from his third visit to Singapore teaching therapists interested in the technique.

There were two notable events on this tour. The first is the fact that this time he taught modules 1-4 there for the first time so there is now a group of therapists qualified to practitioner level 4 between the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong. The second important event was that Ross was given a unique invitation to teach Emmett to a group of 16 Physiotherapists working at the...


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