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Practitioner Development

The Value of Learning EP1

Emmett Professional 1 (EP1) is a professional approach using all prior learnings from the 6 modules in short sequence forms of treatment. Training will consist of grouping 4 to 7 moves together in a 7 minute time frame to get an efficient and effective result, with the aim to work within the Workplace Health & Safety Program. Also in the 2 day seminar are more complex treatment moves which...

New Moves

New Moves for Professionals

I would like to inform all fully qualified Emmett therapists of the new Training program to be called Emmett Practitioner Level 1 (EP Level 1) which will progress up by level numbers. While I am still in clinical practice the Technique will continually grow. One of the greatest journeys of this therapy is that I am still in clinical practice and continue to evolve as a therapist. Over the...

From the instructors perspective

Emm-Tech viewed from the Instructor's perspective

Regi Scherrer sent this insight from her experience on a recently run Emm-Tech course held in Switzerland:-I taught an Emmtech course yesterday, where the 9 participants (all therapists) were amazed by the simplicity, speed and response. With the demo of the diaphragm release, I had a strong I needed the rescue moves. The change in her face, posture and general attitude was...

Do I need Emm-Tech

Emm-Tech viewed by a Practitioner

We are often asked if we will run review days for practitioners to improve their accuracy and skills. I believe that the article below will allow therapists the opportunity to see where the value lies in refreshing their extremity skills by attending an Emm-Tech course with a qualified Emm-Tech tutorer. The article below has been contributed by Francine Pullman, a qualified therapist in many...


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