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...another simple Emmett Treatment with fantastic results

On Fri.28th June ’13 I lifted a couch in anger – my head was 10 paces in front of my body…………. Extreme pain. I had 4 treatments in 5 days, from 2 colleagues. Which resulted in a temporary reduction of pain. I proceeded to work the following week, with increasing pain as each day wore on. On the night of Sun. 7th July I rang Craig Dumas (Emmett Practitioner) because of pain and...

Lee Mules continued..

Another year gone and now time to reflect on my progress. It has been a good year for progress and improvement.

I have continued with my Emmett therapy on a regular basis and my ears have steadily improved. In May I travelled to Brisbane to see a specialist Cochlear Implant Centre and Doctor with the hope that I may be able to have an implant. We had two days of testing booked plus an appointment with the specialist Dr at the Centre. The first day consisted of an MRI and various other tests including an...

Craig Elgey

Ross, Roughly a few hours ago you performed your Emmett therapy on me. You might get this a lot but I am genuine with my statement. My body is feeling much more incredible and amazing, after just 5 minutes. I might only be 24, but I have not felt this way in years. Thank you so much, not only for the therapy but the time you took to explain this to me as well. I guarantee I will be visiting...

Emmett i Egypt

I recently spent three weeks in Egypt, it was a great experience. I travelled with a group of people, the itinerary was busy and on occasions arduous. As a therapist I observed the difficulties my fellow travellers were experiencing as a result of this. There were some who were not as fit as others so found some days more difficult. We climbed into pyramids visiting the Queen's chamber and to...

Aussies benefit from Emmett

Australians love Emmett

Last Thursday, a work colleague was limping around and when I asked what was wrong she said she had just started water aerobics again and her knee was playing up, an ongoing problem her Doctor had told her she would have to live with. I said I had done an Emmett Technique course the weekend before so would she like me to use some of it on her knee. I did a test balance on her, then did the...

An Emmett Convert

I started training for the London Marathon in mid November 2010. Having been experiencing some hip pain prior to starting the training, I went to the Drs to get the all clear and had some x-rays which confirmed nothing was amiss (and that exercise would help). With a little physio to help me along the way, my training was going really well until I did the Kingston Breakfast run 3 weeks before...

Neck Spurs Improvement

12 years of neck spurs problems removed.

I have several spurs in my neck, which I have had for approximately 12 years and was getting more painful as years went by. The doctors told me over the years that there was nothing much could be done about it, and they kept giving me stronger pain killers. In November last year I had one visit per week for three weeks to Lyal Eales Remedial Masseur here in Warrnambool. Since then I have not...

Marie Hambly

Testimonial - Else Strom Vistisen, Emmett Practitioner & Co-ordinator Singapore sent this testimonial from Marie Hambly

My 12 year old son was diagnosed with bulging discs and fibromyalgia in September last year , however after a trip to the UK and a three day course in the Lightening Process he was feeling much better but still had lower back pain and a chronic headache that was with him 24/7. My lovely outgoing sporty boy was beginning to feel very down and going to school and doing the activities that he...

Lee Mules

Lee Mules is an inspirational client of Ross's..

She has written her testimonial for inclusion in an upcoming seminar Ross is addressing in the United Kingdom. We thought you would also be inspired by Lee's story... and her constant motto... "Positive Attitude Only" ... “Brief background: In September 2008 I was diagnosed with Fungal Meningitis. I very nearly died and was in hospital for four and a half months. By the time I was discharged...

Craig Harrison

Testimonial - Craig Harrison

- Rick Cuthbert recently received the following testimonial from Craig Harrison who attended the Mod 5 & 6 training in Sydney. Craig is the EmmTech Co-ordinator, Wingham. Thanks for sharing Craig. Introducing the Emmett Technique to my remedial massage business results has become outstanding! A new client came to my clinic describing his pain as "a knife projecting into his neck for the...


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