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Shannon Dunstan

Shannon Dunstan

Shannon Dunstan
Release Natural Therapy
0428 709 073
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0428 709 073
I have been in the fitness industry for a number of years as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. In May 2019 I decided to learn the Emmett Technique. I felt my knowledge and learning Emmett would be a great combination to achieve what I am most passionate about, helping people. I am currently also studying my Diploma of Reflexology. I absolutely love learning about the human body as I find it fascinating how the body holds trauma and what can be done to help release this trauma. I will never stop learning!
Emmett has helped me tremendously,, it has changed my life and its my mission to help others feel and move better.


PO Box 564 Castletown
Townsville QLD 4812

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Australia: (07) 4771 6234
International: +617 4771 6234

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