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Maya Lomas

Maya Lomas

Maya Lomas
Maya Therapies
New South Wales
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Client Clinic Day (ECC6)
  • Horse Level 1
  • Dog Short Course
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My horse Charlotte loves to run around like crazy just after a rainfall when the ground is still soaking, slippery and wet. One particular day when doing this, she had quite the fall... someone recommended Emmett therapy for her which I thought I would try. I was absolutely amazed at what I saw during her treatment. Her whole body shifted, realigned and balanced right before my eyes! She was a completely different horse physically and emotionally in such a positive way than from before the fall had even happened. I thought, what an incredible modality, I must learn this!
I have since completed all 6 modules, and have experienced with my clients wonderful and amazing successes, just as Charlotte's was.
I have started my training in Emmett for horses now too and have completed a short course in Emmett for dogs. I can't wait to continue my growth of knowledge in this incredible modality for both animals and humans in the years to come.
I have thoroughly enjoyed treating as an Emmett Practitioner from the very first day I started, and am sure will continue to do so.
I have some lovely testimonials from my clients for you to read if you so choose before booking an appointment with me.


PO Box 564 Castletown
Townsville QLD 4812

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